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The best Individual & Corporate Income Tax Services around Orange County, CA and its surroundings.

Group LLC

Our Main Focus at Divine Group LLC is primarily on individual and corporate tax services. However, our expanded professional services take care of many needs as bookkeeping, payroll, real estate, immigration, etc.

Our experienced staff continues improving and finding ways to offer only the best to our clients. With many years of experience in the industry, our team works alongside you in each process from beginning to end understanding each need and how to resolve them. 

What We Do

Working alongside you to understand and file the most important income tax in the country with professionalism and on time.

Providing to all our clients the most understanding strategies to file those income taxes imposed by the states over the earned income.

Focusing primarily on individual income tax services, our experts will handle all the processes and paperwork for you.

Reducing taxable incomes and using everything in the tax code will help to lower the cost of corporate taxes to all business owners.

Creating opportunities, our experienced staff will focus on cost savings, detailed analyses, overall growth, revenue generation, etc.

Taking care of overwhelming tasks, our payroll team will guide you through the correct process of forms, hours, payments, etc.

Reserving your business name and taking care of all your paperwork is part of our hard work to achieve your business growth. 

Our certified tax professionals will deal with the IRS letters creating strategies to understand and respond correctly.

Supporting your business by implementing plans and strategies to ensure its growth and taking care of important details as payroll, income tax, etc.

Navigating and empowering families through the complicated immigration system, our staff will help affordable and confidently.

Listing your house at the correct price is part of our completed services. Our staff also will market and complete negotiations alongside you.

Putting your entire trust in our travel agents will ensure you have the dream vacation with affordable packages, accommodations, tours, etc.

Individual Income Tax Services

This income tax came from your income, wages, interests, tips, salaries and earnings you have collected in this tax year. There are seven marginal tax rates depending on your earned income over the year. For most taxpayers, the individual income tax is taken out of their paychecks.

Corporate Income Tax Services

The corporate tax is levied by state and federal governments on all business gains. Usually, companies try to use everything in the tax code and strategies to lower down the cost of tax payments. One of the strategies used is reducing the taxable incomes. Since Dec. 22., 2017, the corporate tax rate is 21% (It was 35%).


Ruth Gurrola

I am very proud to be the CEO of Divine Group LLC and Arcoiris Income Tax School with more than 30 years of experience.


Brenda R. Gurrola

CTEC and IRS certified administrator since 2000 who currently works as a tax professional, administrator, and coordinator at Arcoiris Income Tax School.

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