Federal Income Tax

Once-A-Year Opportunity to Take a Big Financial Step

For many taxpayers, a federal tax refund can be a change in life event as pay a debt, build savings, invest, start a business, buy a car o travel. If you have earned income in this tax year, you can expect the money back from Uncle Sam. However, keep in mind that the government is the agency that decides how much tax you owe by diving all your taxable income into brackets.   


Each bracket gets taxed at its own rate due to the progressive tax system. This means that people with higher incomes pay higher federal income taxes. Being in a tax bracket does not mean taxpayers have to pay for everything they earned. There are strategies and plans that can reduce the costs or amplify the returned money.

Filing Status

Tax Brackets depend on your filing status and taxable income.

Single Filers

American taxpayers who are unmarried or not qualify to file as Head of Household when they file their federal taxes.

Married (Filing jointly)

It’s an income tax filing status available to married individuals (Married by Dec. 31 of the tax year).

Married (Filing Separately)

It’s an income tax filing status available to married individuals who want to file separately as single filers. (Married by Dec. 31 of the tax year).

Head of Household

To be considered a Head of Household, the individual has to pay for more than half of the house expenses, be unmarried and have a dependent.

2021 Federal Income Tax brackets

The federal income tax brackets for the tax year 2021 depends in part on the filing status that applies to the individual or business.

The progressive tax system of the United States imposes a federal tax on people’s earned income. There are 7 different brackets where taxpayers who earned higher income are imposed with higher income taxes. However, the government decides how much tax you owe and you don’t pay your entire come in just one bracket. If you earned $15,000, you pay $9,950 in the 10% bracket and $5,050 in the 12% bracket. There is a 37% bracket for people who earn $518,401 or more. 

Individual or Business?

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What Is A Marginal Tax Rate?

The marginal tax rate is that income tax rate that taxpayers pay on extra dollars earned that are taxable income. All of them land in the same bracket of your total earned income.

Getting Into A Lower Tax Bracket

Taxpayers and income tax agencies always are looking for strategies and plan to reduce your taxable income tax. This is very important to put taxpayers in lower tax brackets because they will pay a lower federal income tax. 


Two of the most common ways to reduce the federal income tax rate are credits and deductions. Tax credits reduce the amount taxpayers owe without affecting their bracket. On other hand, tax deductions reduce your taxable income tax when your rate is on the limit of two brackets. Therefore, one of the best strategies to reduce federal income tax is to apply to all tax deductions available.

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