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Successful Businesses Grow With Solid Plans

Divine Group LLC has grown year by year satisfying many customers along our journey and continues offering competitive rates and services until this day. Guided by high-quality professionals, our main goal is to provide excellent and innovative services that will help any person who puts trust in our work.  


Our experienced staff provides support in each area or each need implementing strategies and plans that help business growth. We will work hard to ensure your business or personal finances keep correctly and safely in this competitive world. Using our acknowledgment, your need will be fulfilled with review profits, cut expenses, opportunities, etc.

Federal Income Tax

The Federal Income Tax comes from earned incomes as salaries, wages, tips, and unearned income as interest and dividends imposed on individuals or businesses.

State Income Tax

Like Federal Income Tax, a State can impose taxes on its residents being different in each State and letting taxpayers file state tax returns each year.

Individual Income Tax

Our experts will guide you through the process of the individual income tax that is levied on your income gained during the tax year from many sources.

Corporate Income Tax

Our professionals in Corporate Income Tax have been creating tax strategies to reduce costs and improve bottom lines for many business owners.


Making sure that our clients know exactly where they stand financially ensuring their interests are safe and making the right decisions for their companies.


Ensuring your business payroll taxes are completed properly and your forms are filled accurately by professionals and sent to the correct agency on time.

Incorporation Services

Serving fast and reliable business and corporate formation alongside correct filling services with professionalism, quality products, and timely delivery.

Audit Protection

Receiving IRS letters should not be something to worry about, our experts in Peace of Mind services will deal and respond to them and other tax agencies.

Business Management

Bringing a unique and custom approach to financial management, bookkeeping, accounting, etc. to individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Immigrating Consulting

Offering the fastest and most truthfully consulting services for all nationalities especially Asian and Hispanic communities.

Real Estate Agent

Fulfilling and making true homeownership dreams through our high-quality and experienced counseling in real property sales. 

Travel Agent

Providing many options and satisfying any demand from our clients through plans, destinations, documentation, and insurances.

Individual or Business?

Looking For Consulting In Any of Our Services?

Our experts in Divine Group LLC will guide you through any process or paperwork correctly and professionally. Contact us today for more information.

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